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The Terrestrial Carbon Cycle under Climate Variability and Extremes - a Pan-European Synthesis

Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases do not only lead to gradual „global warming” but also to changed precipitation patterns, increased variability and weather extremes such as heat waves, longer dry spells, variability of growing season length and heavy rainfall.


Ecosystems — like humans — are not bound by a „mean climate” but only the actual temperature, moisture, wind etc. Climate variability does not only affect human health — e.g. with over 70.000 casualties during the 2003 heat wave — but also forest, crop and grassland productivity, which has severely suffered regionally from the recent 2006, 2005 and most prominently 2003 climate anomalies.


CARBO-Extreme therefore aims to:

  • improve our understanding of the terrestrial carbon cycle in response to climate variability and extreme events
  • represent and apply this knowledge over Europe with predictive terrestrial carbon cycle modelling
  • interpret the model predictions in terms of vulnerability of the terrestrial — in particular soil — carbon pools under different scenarios and give advice to the European Commission and other stakeholders to support the development and implementation of climate, soil and ecosystem protection policies.


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EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

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Fundingsource: EU (FP7)
EC-contribution: 6.6 Mio.€
Duration: 2010-2013
Consortium: 41 partners, 15 countries
Coordinator: A. Freibauer (TI)