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This website lists all scientific publications that result from the GHG-Europe project in alphabetical order of the author(s).

Mammarella I, Werle P, Pihlatie M, et al. (2010)

A case study of eddy covariance flux of N(2)O measured within forest ecosystems: quality control and flux error analysis. Biogeosciences, 7, 427-440.

Marti-Roura M, Casals P, Romanya J (2011)

Temporal changes in soil organic C under Mediterranean shrublands and grasslands: impact of fire and drought. Plant and Soil 338(1-2): 289-300.

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)

Winter greenhouse gas fluxes (CO2, CH4 and N2O) from a sub-alpine grassland Biogeosciences 10: 3185–3203, doi:10.5194/bg-10-3185-2013.


Migliavacca M, Reichstein M, Richardson AD, et al. (2011)

Semiempirical modeling of abiotic and biotic factors controlling ecosystem respiration across eddy covariance sites. Global Change Biology, 17, 390-409.

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)

N2O emissions and source processes in snow-covered soils in the Swiss Alps Isotopes in Environmental & Health Studies.

Montagnani L, Manca G, Canepa E, Georgieva E (2010)

Assessing the method-specific differences in quantification of CO2 advection at three forest sites during the ADVEX campaign. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150, 702-711.

Montane F, Romanya J, Rovira P, Casals P (2010)

Aboveground litter quality changes may drive soil organic carbon increase after shrub encroachment into mountain grasslands. Plant and Soil 337(1-2): 151-165.

Moors EJ, Jacobs C, Jans W, et al. (2010)

Variability in carbon exchange of European croplands. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 139, 325-335.

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)

First signs of carbon sink saturation in European forest biomass. Nature Clim. Change advance online publication.


DOI: 10.1038/nclimate1853.


Publication date: 19 August 2013

Ojanen P, Minkkinen K, Alm J, Penttila T (2010)

Soil-atmosphere CO(2), CH(4) and N(2)O fluxes in boreal forestry-drained peatlands. Forest Ecology and Management, 260, 411-421.

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

Imer D, Merbold L, Eugster W, Buchmann N (2013)  [more]

Luyssaert, S., G. Abril, et al. (2012)  [more]

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)  [more]

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)  [more]

Wolf S, Eugster W, Ammann C, Haeni M, Zielis S, Hiller R, Stieger J, Imer D, Merbold L, Buchmann N (2013)   [more]


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