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This website lists all scientific publications that result from the GHG-Europe project in alphabetical order of the author(s).

Schmitt M, Bahn M, Wohlfahrt G, Tappeiner U, Cernusca A (2010)

Land use affects the net ecosystem CO(2) exchange and its components in mountain grasslands. Biogeosciences, 7, 2297-2309.

Schwaiger HP, Bird DN (2010)

Integration of albedo effects caused by land use change into the climate balance: Should we still account in greenhouse gas units? Forest Ecology and Management, 260, 278-286.

Schwalm CR, Williams CA, Schaefer K, et al. (2010)

Assimilation exceeds respiration sensitivity to drought: A FLUXNET synthesis. Global Change Biology, 16, 657-670.

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)

Commonalities of carbon dioxide exchange in semiarid regions with monsoon and Mediterranean climates. Journal of Arid Environments, 84, 71-79.

Serrano-Ortiz P, Marañón-Jiménez S, Reverter BR, Sánchez-Cañete EP, Castro J, Zamora R, Kowalski AS (2011)

Post-fire salvage logging reduces carbon sequestration in Mediterranean coniferous forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 262, 2287–2296.

Smith P, Jones M, Osborne B, Wattenbach M (2011)

Special Issue: The carbon balance in European croplands. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 139, v-vii + 293-453.

Smith P, Lanigan G, Kutsch WL, et al. (2010)

Measurements necessary for assessing the net ecosystem carbon budget of croplands. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 139, 302-315.

Stiehl-Braun PA, Hartmann AA, Kandeler E, Buchmann N, Niklaus PA (2011)

Interactive effects of drought and N fertilization on the spatial distribution of methane assimilation in grassland soils. Global Change Biology, 17, 2629-2639.

Sus O, Williams M, Bernhofer C, et al. (2010)

A linked carbon cycle and crop developmental model: Description and evaluation against measurements of carbon fluxes and carbon stocks at several European agricultural sites. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 139, 402-418.

Teuling AJ, Seneviratne SI, Stockli R, et al. (2010)

Contrasting response of European forest and grassland energy exchange to heatwaves. Nature Geoscience, 3, 722-727. Abstract

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

Imer D, Merbold L, Eugster W, Buchmann N (2013)  [more]

Luyssaert, S., G. Abril, et al. (2012)  [more]

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)  [more]

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)  [more]

Wolf S, Eugster W, Ammann C, Haeni M, Zielis S, Hiller R, Stieger J, Imer D, Merbold L, Buchmann N (2013)   [more]


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