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GHG-Europe Workshop

Peatland Synthesis


Date: 21-23 November 2012

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Workshop Objectives 

The aim of this workshop will be to discuss the outcomes of the site modelling and to harmonise the inputs for upscaling activities. For this purpose we would like to invite both modellers and data providers from individual sites, as well as people who have knowledge of upscaling activities or access to input datasets to attend and contribute to the workshop.

The workshop will be split into four sessions:

A. model-measurement comparisons

B. inter-model comparisons

C. harmonisation of input datasets and water table for upscaling

D. emerging issues


We encourage all paired modelling groups and site managers to collaborate in producing a short presentation for session A (model-measurement comparisons), and welcome all suggestions for oral presentations in the remaining sessions.

Travel Grants

We are able to offer limited travel grants for interested participants who are not funded through GHG-Europe.


Please send a short application to GHGEurope|at|  before 1st September indicating

  • Expected travel costs
  • Background with respect to the workshop topic
  • Contribution regarding data/knowledge


The eligibility and amount of travel grant we are able to provide will depend on the number of applications.

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

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