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WP5 EU27 GHG-Budgets

The goal of WP5 is to quantify the full European carbon balance and its annual-to-decadal variability in an integrated approach.

In contrast to the sectoral view of WP4, WP5 uses the strength of generic models to quantify carbon compartment fluxes in ecosystems. All  ecosystem types (with less detailed management) and land use changes will be included.

Process-oriented and data-oriented ecosystem models (ORCHIDEE, LPJml), atmospheric concentration measurements and inversion models (LMDZ, TM3, TM5) will be integrated.

Three main types of managed ecosystems will be considered: croplands, grasslands and forest. Annually updated synthesis of the full GHG budget will be organized including input for N2O and CH4 from WP2 and WP4.


Workpackage Lead: Dr. Philippe Ciais (CEA-LSCE)


Distribution of cropland component carbon fluxes from the ORCHIDEE-STICS crop model, after Gervois et al. (2008). The model is forced with variable CO2, climate and changing farmers practice during the past century.

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

Imer D, Merbold L, Eugster W, Buchmann N (2013)  [more]

Luyssaert, S., G. Abril, et al. (2012)  [more]

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)  [more]

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)  [more]

Wolf S, Eugster W, Ammann C, Haeni M, Zielis S, Hiller R, Stieger J, Imer D, Merbold L, Buchmann N (2013)   [more]


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Duration: 2010-2013
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