GHG Europe

Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

The Steering Committee is formed by the Coordinator, the Work Package Leaders and the Gender Representative. It is responsible for the scientific focus and leadership of the project.

Dr. Annette Freibauer (Project Coordinator)
Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Instiut (vTI)
Braunschweig, Germany

Prof. Nina Buchmann
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Philippe Ciais
Laboratoire des Science du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE-CEA)
Gif sur Yvette, France

Prof. Han Dolman
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (VUA)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Michael Obersteiner
International Institut for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Vienna, Austria

Dr. Dario Papale
University of Tuscia (UNITUS)
Viterbo, Italy

Dr. Markus Reichstein
Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC)
Jena, Germany

Prof. Pete Smith
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen (UNIABDN)
Aberdeen, United Kingdom



EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

Imer D, Merbold L, Eugster W, Buchmann N (2013)  [more]

Luyssaert, S., G. Abril, et al. (2012)  [more]

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)  [more]

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)  [more]

Wolf S, Eugster W, Ammann C, Haeni M, Zielis S, Hiller R, Stieger J, Imer D, Merbold L, Buchmann N (2013)   [more]


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GHG-Europe at a glance

Fundingsource: EU (FP7)
EC-contribution: 6.6 Mio.€
Duration: 2010-2013
Consortium: 41 partners, 15 countries
Coordinator: A. Freibauer (TI)