GHG Europe

GHG-Europe Workshop

Land use change for bioenergy production:

Impacts on GHG emissions and mitigation potential


Date: 27-29 October 2010

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Workshop Objectives

Land use change for bioenergy production is often cited as a way of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, although the impacts and consequences are often unclear, particularly at the ecosystem scale.
This workshop will provide an analysis of the impacts of different land use conversions for bioenergy production as well as an assessment of their mitigation potential, including model projections.
The workshop will include both invited and contributed talks as well as discussion sessions.
The outputs will include a review of the current state of knowledge regarding land use conversions for bioenergy production, as well as future research needs.
The workshop aims to bring together originators/providers of data on land use conversion for bioenergy production.

Workshop announcement

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

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